These Simple Strategies Is All It Takes To Help You Eliminate Procrastination, Explode Your Productivity And Create Massive Success
What If You Can Be Extremely Productive Everyday?

What do you think will happen to your life if you are able to eliminate procrastination and take consistent action every day towards your goal? I bet your life will be much more awesome because everyday you are moving towards your goal and taking action to create positive results in your life.

The key to getting results and success in anything is productivity. To achieve means you have to take action and a person who is productive is going to get much more results in life. They will definitely get more results through the actions that they take. In short, there are endless positive results and possibilities for people who are productive.

What Is Productivity And Common Problems That Stop You From Being Productive

Productivity means being effective and efficient. This means taking action consistently to create the outcome or results that you desired. Productivity is something that everyone on their personal development journey should know because it is the very single key to success in everything that you do.

Simply put, if you are not productive, you will not get results because you are not taking enough action to make things happen. If productivity is so important, why is it so many people are struggling with productivity issues?

Some common problems include:

  • Too many tasks and too little time.
  • Fear – Fear of change, fear of unknown and fear of rejection that leads to inaction and procrastination. 
  • Overwhelmed with too many tasks and too little time and feeling stressful
  • No proper system to help them filter away distractions and stay productive
  • Spend all day consuming information and indulging in distractions (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. Sounds familiar?)
  • Procrastination (Big hairy monster)
  • Unknowingly spending time doing things that won’t help you to get what you want.
  • Just seem to fail to get themselves to take action even if they want to.

With all these problems stopping you from taking action, you end up not taking action and kept putting things off. This makes you feel lousy at the end of the day because you feel stressful and you suffer from guilt because you just wasted the whole day doing nothing.

Introducing Unleash Your Productivity Genius
Effective Strategies To Explode Your Productivity

Unleash Your Productivity Genius

The system in Unleash Your Productivity Genius or UYPG aims to help you become much more organized and productive. It also helps you to achieve more positive results in all areas in your life because you are able to become productive and take consistent action each day to move towards your goals. Not to mention you will be doing it the stress free way.

Here are some of the topics covered in UYPG to help you get things done the stress free way

  • Help you to be aware of common pitfalls that are stopping you from being productive and how to tackle it
  • 3 Strategies that you can use to kick procrastination out of your life (simple methods that I use frequently)
  • How to deal with your inevitable distractions and interruption that destroys your productivity
  • How to create an optimal workspace that keeps you sane, stress free and ridiculously productive
  • Learn how to structure your week so that you get tons of stuff done which means getting more positive results in many areas of your life
  • A simple trick to complete your task at least 2x faster
  • Increase your learning speed by 300% and cut down learning time… and find out what are the common mistakes others are doing when they consume information that leads to time wastage and how you can overcome


A Sneak Peak Of Unleash Your Productivity Genius

Unleash Your Productivity Genius Introduction

In the introduction chapter of the guidebook, you will be briefed about what to expect from the guidebook and how to proceed on to make the best use of Unleash Your Productivity Genius (UYPG) to get the best out of the program.

Unleash Your Productivity Genius Chapter 1 and 2

In Chapter 1 of UYPG, I will show you the common pitfalls that stops you from being productive. Knowing what are your obstacles will help you to eliminate them much more easily and become insanely productive. In Chapter 2, I will teach you about the psychology behind high productivity. You can have the best productivity system but you will not become productive if you still have mental barriers that are stopping you from taking massive and consistent action. This is where the Chapter on Psychology Of Productivity is going to be really helpful.

Unleash Your Productivity Genius Chapters

In Chapter 7, I will hold your hand and guide you through the 7 Steps Process To Ultimate Productivity. This is the exact system that I use to help me stay productive and take consistent action. I will also share PRACTICAL tips on how to make full use of your time (One of the 18 chapters will be Chapter 12 on How To Have 25 Hours In A Day).

Unleash Your Productivity Genius Illustrations

There are helpful illustrations to in UYPG to help you understand concepts and ideas better. I want to make things easy for you to understand and apply in your life. Period.

Unleash Your Productivity Genius Workbook


UYPG Comes with a Workbook and it is filled with exercises that you can use to help you get started fast and easily. Use the exercises to help you apply the ideas in UYPG into your life to help you become much more organized, sane and productive.

Unleash Your Productivity Genius Workbook 2


Here is Exercise 6 on helping you wiping out your common time wasting obstacles that are stopping you from being productive. 

Here are all the chapters that you will find in Unleash Your Productivity Genius

    • Chapter 1 – What Stops You From Being Productive?
    • Chapter 2 – Psychology Of Productivity – Fear And Procrastination
    • Chapter 3 – Break Things Down, Take More Action
    • Chapter 4 – 3 Effective Ways To Eliminate Procrastination
    • Chapter 5 – The Power Of Focus And The Art Of Eliminating Distractions
    • Chapter 6 – How To Build The Perfect Productive Environment
    • Chapter 7 – 7 Steps To Ultimate Productivity – Step By Step Guide
    • Chapter 8 – How To Complete Your Task 200% Faster With This Simple Trick
    • Chapter 9 – How To Double Your Focus Time
    • Chapter 10 – Why Discipline Is Overrated And A Better Way To Do Things
    • Chapter 11 – How To Get Things Done Without Killing Yourself
    • Chapter 12 – How To Have 25 Hours In A Day
    • Chapter 13 – The Smart Way To Consume Information Like A Genius 
    • Chapter 14 – How To Learn Insanely Fast.. And Increase Your Reading Speed By 300%
    • Chapter 15 – Common Unproductive Scenarios And How To Blast Through Them
    • Chapter 16 – How To Be Productive Every Single Day Without Fail
    • Chapter 17 – Biggest Secret To Unstoppable Productivity 
    • Chapter 18 – Recommended Tools For The Productivity Ninja



Unleash Your Productivity Genius Is Written By…
Who Am I Again?


Vincent from HealthMoneySuccessHi there – I’m Vincent and I am the founder of (personal development blog) and the author of Unleash Your Maximum Potential (ebook) which has inspired and left positive touches on over 4500 lives. My mission is to help people to be the best they can be and live their best life.

I mainly write about personal development and one of my favorite topics is productivity. I guess you can say that I am a little obsessive over productivity and this is because I know how much difference it can made to people’s life once they know the key principle of productivity, making full use of their time and taking massive and consistent action.

Knowing how to be productive is powerful enough to help change people’s life around. For this reason alone, I had spent 4 years fiddling with various productivity system and read tons of books on productivity and to name a few of them are David Allen’s Getting Things Done, Stephen R.Covey’s 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People and First Thing First, Leo Babaut!’s Zen To Done and Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog and etc.

This is just scratching on the surface and I lost count of how many productivity systems that I had tried. What this means for you is that you’re going to be learning all I learned about optimal personal productivity in 4 years in the copy of Unleash Your Productivity Genius. You get the good stuff by getting what I found that works to increase your productivity so that you can apply them quickly into your life.

Another good news is you skip all the bad stuff (I’m willing to do that for you) such as going through trial`and error getting lemons(productivity strategies and tips that don’t work) and wasting time on them.  And really, that’s all that you really need to know about me for now. :)


The Total Package… What You Will Be Getting In Unleash Your Productivity Genius


Unleash Your Productivity Genius comes with the following materials to help you to start being productive easily.

Unleash Your Productivity Genius Material

  • 128 pages of content in Unleash Your Productivity Genius Guide that will walk you through every step of the way (guidebook is the image cover on the left)
  • Step by Step Fast Action Workbook to guide you through every task in Unleash Your Productivity Genius (workbook on the right)


My Guarantee To You Because I Want To Sleep Well At Night


Vincent's Personal 100 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’ve decided to put 100% of the risk on me. Your satisfaction of UYPG is important to me and if within 100 days after you put in a good faith of action in reading and implementing the system, I am not allowed to keep a dime of your money if the system doesn’t work for you. 

If this happens, you have to let me know by sending me an email and I will refund you promptly.

In other words, the pressure is on me because if I don’t deliver, I don’t receive a dime. See, I want to help my product to actually help people to be productive and become an avid action taker who will be able to change their life for the better and I don’t want you to waste your time and money on another crappy product. I also want to sleep well at night so I will not keep any of your money if UYPG does not work for you.


Get Started In The Next Minute


This is the whole package you will be getting


  • 128 Pages Of Unleash Your Productivity Genius Guide Book (Worth $39.95)
  • Fast Action Workbook with exercises to help you get started fast (Worth $19.95)


P.S. Unleash Your Productivity Genius is not for everybody. If you are extremely productive, driven, have a good productivity system and motivated, this is definitely not for you. For individuals who struggle to take action and seem to procrastinate frequently, UYPG is for you. UYPG is also for individuals who want to organize their life to maximize their time with the least stress, get things done, achieve their goals and create positive results in their life.

P.P.S. I want to make this a win-win situation, so if you are not satisfied with UYPG and you think it does not add any value to your life, you have a 100 days 100% money back guarantee. All risk is on me because I don’t want your money if I fail to deliver. I only want to deliver awesome products that add value to people’s life and if you think my products suck, I don’t want to keep`your money and you have every right to get your money back.

P.P.P.S. Thanks for taking the time to read till the end and I hope you value your time as much as I do value mine. Whatever you decide about this offer, be sure to decide to make full use of your available time, take massive action and live a life without regret. That is the most important thing, right? Always remember time gone is lost forever. Regardless of which you choose, I wish you good luck in your journey.